RNA Silencing Data Package

Using RNA-seq, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the effect of RBP deregulation on gene expression patterns, expression levels and alternative splicing.

Bench work and results

RT-PCR data for shRNA silencing efficiency in HeLa cells.

Basic Analysis

Basic analysis of RNA-seq data, including sequencing quality assessment, clean reads assessment, mapping to human genome, sequencing saturation analysis and gene detection analysis, etc.

Advanced Analysis

Advanced analysis of RNA-seq data, including differentially expressed gene (DEG) analysis, alternative splicing event analysis and gene functional enrichment, etc.


We provided the original RNA-seq data for two biological replicates and controls at 10G/sample.

Bonus! The package includes the shRNA silencing plasmid for each RBP.

  • Provide shRNA target sequences.
  • U6 polymerase III promoter for mammalian shRNA expression.
  • Kanamycin and Blasticidin resistance markers for easy selection of transformed or transfected cells.
  • MMLV LTR sequences for packaging into retroviral particles.
  • pCMV-GFP expression to assess transfection efficiency.
  • Suitable for creating transient or stable cell lines.

RBP Protein List

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