RBP Overexpression Data Package (RNA-Seq)

Using RNA-seq, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the effect of RBP deregulation on gene expression patterns, expression levels and alternative splicing.

Bench work and results

The effect of RBP deregulation in HeLa cells on cell proliferation, migration and apoptosis.

Basic Analysis

Basic analysis of RNA-seq data, including sequencing quality assessment, clean reads assessment, mapping to human genome, sequencing saturation analysis and gene detection analysis, etc.

Advanced Analysis

Advanced analysis of RNA-seq data, including differentially expressed gene (DEG) analysis, alternative splicing event analysis and gene functional enrichment, etc.


We provided the original RNA-seq data for two biological replicates and controls at 10G/sample.

Bonus! The package includes the overexpression plasmid for each RBP.

  • Provide RBP ORF sequences.
  • CMV promoter for RBP expression, fused to 3x N-terminal FLAG epitope.
  • Dicistronic expression of IRES linked GFP to assess transfection efficiency.
  • Ampicillin resistance marker.
  • Suitable for transient transfection of a variety of mammalian cells. For creating stable cell lines, cotransfection with an additional plasmid that expresses a selectable marker is required.

RBP Protein List

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